Friday, 27 September 2013

Mphwiyo still in critical condition

Shot  Malawi treasury budget director Paul Mphwiyo still remains  in a "critical" condition, the Malawi embassy in South Africa said on Tuesday, just over two weeks after he was hospitalized.

Mphwiyo  who is battling for his life  at the Milpark hospital  South Africa still remain in  the Intensive Care Unit where he was returned after his condition turned  to worse  few day after  four bullets were removed from his body

Mphwiyo was shot  two week ago at his house in area 10 in the capital Lilongwe in an attack suspected to his fight against corruption.

A hospital source who chose not to be named told the paper that Phwiyo still remains in critical condition and he is not able to speak nor seat on his own  at the moment.

" His condition is critical as we all know that he is in the intensive care unit, he can not speak nor seat down but the doctors are doing all they can to improve his condition" disclosed the source

Speaking in a telephone interview Malawi embassy health attach Nedson Fosiko decline to shade more light on the issue saying they are waiting for the family members to make a decision on whether Mphwiyo's condition should be reported to the press or not . 

But Fosiko  therefore agreed  that Mphwiyo is in  ICU and his condition is currently  critical. 

" Ethically I can shed more lights on the issue meanwhile we're waiting for the family to decide on whether his health condition can be leaked to the media or not" Said Fosiko

Since Mphwiyo was hospitalized at Milpark Hospital his parents and his sister Agatha Mphwiyo has been spotted at the hospital.

Currently there is tight security at the Milpark hospital and only family members and Malawi embassy officials are allowed to visit him.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mandela responding to treatment - Zuma

South Former president Nelson Mandela is responding well  to treatment  at his Houghton home, President Jacob Zuma said on Wednesday.
"Our revered former president continues to respond to treatment at his home," Zuma said at the opening of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.
"His family and our people have warmly welcomed the support he continues to receive from the global community.
"We are humbled and very grateful for this support," said Zuma.
However ever Zuma did not go into details about Madiba's condition  
The previous statements have often said that Mandela is critical but stable
But one of the local newspaper The New Age reported on Thursday that Mandela is sitting up and looking around.
 Mandela's grandson, Mbuso Mandela was quoted by the paper saying his grand father spent time with his children and grandchildren on Heritage Day.
" I just saw him again yesterday (Wednesday) at lunch. He is doing very well," Mbuso told the daily. 
" He is sitting up and looking around. We are keeping him company" 
Thursday  marks the 25th day Mandela has spent at home in Johannesburg, after being discharged from a Pretoria hospital, where he spent nearly three months being treated for a recurring lung infection.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

News and Views across Africa: Mphwiyo's Condition Is Reported to Deteriorate to ...

News and Views across Africa: Mphwiyo's Condition Is Reported to Deteriorate to ...:   The  Malawi treasury budget director Paul Mphwiyo is in a "critical" condition, the Malawi embassy in South Africa said on Tu...

Mphwiyo's Condition Is Reported to Deteriorate to ‘Critical’

  The  Malawi treasury budget director Paul Mphwiyo is in a "critical" condition, the Malawi embassy in South Africa said on Tuesday, just over two weeks after he was hospitalized.

His condition has forced doctors to return  Mphwiyo  to the Intensive Care Unit  few day after  four bullets were removed from his body at the Milpark in Sunhill South Africa where he is being treated.

Mphwiyo was shot  two week ago at his house in area 10 in the capital Lilongwe in an attack suspected to his fight against corruption

In a phone interview  one of his doctors who spoke on condition of anonymity for security reasons said Mphwiyo's helath "had become critical over the past week.

 When asked on whether he will survive the brutal attack the doctor said according to his condition it is  currently  hard to estimate his rate of recovery.

“ He is in ICU and when  the person is sick it is hard to estimate as to when he will recover but we are doing everything possible to get his condition to improve and we are ensuring that he is well- looked after and comfortable” said the doctor

When squeezed again to disclose the type of gun and bullets which were used by the attacker the doctor  said such information is sensitive and  can not be disclosed to the press.

“ I am a doctor and I have to respect the confidentiality of my patient so I can not go ahead and give you such information without the approval of my patient or the relevant  authorities and such information is sensitive and can not be disclosed” said the Doctor

Commenting on security measures that the hospital has put around him the doctor   said there is tight security  and  at the meantime the family and the Malawi government is satisfied with the hospital security.

“ The Hospital is trying its best to make sure that our patient is safe and both the family and Malawi government are satisfied with the development.

According to reports recently Mphwiyo was moved from the ICU to the surgery ward after being operated however it is reported that his condition turned worse few days ago which forced the doctors to take him back to ICU.

Speaking in a telephone interview Malawi embassy health attach Nedson Fosiko decline to shade more light on the issue saying such questions can only be responded by the Surgeon who carried the operation. 

But Fosiko  therefore agreed  that Mphwiyo has been returned to ICU and is in a critical  condition 

" As an attach I did not take part in the operation only the surgeon can be in a proper condition to comment on the issue all I can say is that he is in ICU and his condition is critical " said Fosiko  

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

South Africa celebrates Heritage Day

South Africans are today celebrating Heritage Day, popularly known as National Braai Day  and a  number of celebrations and events have been lined up around the country.
The Department of Arts and Culture will host the official event at the Cradle of Humankind in Mogale City on the West Rand.

The department’s Nomazwe Ntlokwana said the event will showcase Gauteng’s cultural diversity. 

“We are expecting various cultural groups to showcase our cultural diversity as a province.”

Meanwhile, various NGOs are urging the public to open their hearts today to the less fortunate. 

The Skottel for Cape Town initiative is calling on Capetonians to bring their meat along to the Gusto Cafeteria in Gardens.

The initiative’s Jarrod Lewin said the organisation aims to build communities and shift perspectives. 

“One of the reasons we set up this project is to shift perspectives to the other side of the fence.”

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Phhwiyo responding to treatment, four bullets removed - Doctors

The Malawi budget director Paul Mphwiyo was recently shot and severy wounded in an attack suspected be related to his fight against corruption is guarded by Malawi embassy security and their South police counterparts at Milpark Net Care Hospital in Sunhill situated in  the commercial city of South Africa, Johannesburg.

Only family members, Malawi embassy officials and other Malawi government top officials are allowed to visit Mphwiyo

According to an inside source all visitors are demanded to report at the Malawi embassy offices in Pretoria to get clearance  before visiting the hospital.

 According to a hospital source who chose not be named for security reasons said Mphwiyo arrived at the hospital in a critical condition on the Friday of 13th September few days after he was shot in the Capital Lilongwe.

 The source said since Mphwiyo arrived his conditions remains critical but doctors are doing their level best to stabilize his  condition.

 As we went to press it  can be  revealed  that the Budget director has been moved from the Intensive Care Unit where he has been since admitted to the surgical ward.

“ He was in a stable condition after undergoing surgery few days ago, four bullets has been  removed so far” a hospital source said
According to the hospital source Mphwiyo was shot in the face and on chest 

“ He got two bullets in the face which destroyed his jaws and after operation his face was swollen up to date that is one of the areas doctors are concentrating at” revealed the source

The source further said Mphwiyo’s brain was not damaged and he does have a great chance to survive after the doctors finish operating the other areas.

When we contact the Milpark Hospital for comments the hospital  Manager Andries du Plessis demanded a questionnaire, when a questionnaire was sent to him he did not reply as we went to press.

Malawi embassy also failed to comment saying they are not allowed to speak to the press until they get a go-ahead from speak to the presidency   

Since Mphwiyo was hospitalized at Milpark his family members which includes his mother, father and a sister Agatha Mphwiyo have been seen being  driven  inside the hospital by a Malawi embassy vehicle.  

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Top cops fired over Mphwiyo's shooting

Malawi President Joyce Banda was forced to axe  two senior Police officers with immediate effect as investigations into the shooting of the well known economist

The budget director was shot & severely wounded in an attack suspected to be related to his fight against corruption.

According to a local radio station Capital FM a statement from the Office of the President and Cabinet signed by Chief Secretary Hawa Ndilowe indicates that  Deputy Inspector of police responsible for operations Finly Binali has been replaced by Nelson Bophani.

The statement  further says Doreen Kapanga who was deputy Inspector General responsible for administration has been appointed as deputy ambassador to Ethiopia.

Kapanga has since been replaced by Chrissie Ngauma.

The changes came a day after Police arrested three suspects to the shooting of Paul Mphwiyo on Friday. 

Source: Capital Radio Malawi; 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Why Paul Mphwiyo was shot

Recently a well known Malawian economist was shot at his house in the capital Lilongwe. few days after his hospitalization three suspects were arrested of the involvement in the shooting of the top finance official but however in a strange way Malawi police is guarding the identities of the suspects and no-one knows why Paul Mphwiyo was shot.

Earlier this morning a source within government emailed this tip to this blog the email explains fully why Mphwiyo got shot:

muwelenge in confidence:I write to you coz you have shown courage to unmask these thugs, enafe to be very honest sitingakwanitse....
I am at the Ministry of Finance and I want to share with you what is being said in the corridors. You are free to publish this or leave it but if you chose to do so, then spare my name pliz coz ndiye kuti lots of things zoopsa can happen to me coz anthu akudziwa zoona koma akuopa. Choyamba ndi chakuti nkhani ya K120million ya Sithole ili related to this nkhani ya kuombeledwa kwa Paul Mphwiyo. Sithole ankagwila ntchito ku Accountant General ku Reconcilliation section and chifukwa chakuti ankapanga reconciliation for all the Ministries, anali ndi ma rights mu accounting system ya boma yotchedwa IFMIS mu ma Ministries onse. Chifukwa cha ichi and excitement anayamba ma deal. Chifukwa amayenela kupeza ma company otulutsila ndalama, iye amapanga approach anthu ambiri. Nkhaniyi itatchuka, Pika Manondo (yemwe ndi mnyamata wa Ralph Kasambara amamupezela tizibwenzi ndikumamuthamangilathamagila ngati Political Assistant) anamupeza Sithole ndikumupatsa ma Company names oti azipanga nawo deal. They have been stealing Governments funds for a long time and Pika Manondo (someone who was fired at Parliament for fraud has become so rich with K350million in the bank and owns a 15 vehicle car hire) since Ralph was appointed Minister. So these deals extended to Ralph Kasambara (also because anthuwa ankadziwa kuti one day they will need protection) and Wapona Kita. They used and also companies belonging to Maxwell Namata who was fired from Ministry of Housing due to fraud and Mr. Hophmally Makande's protégés. The Problem then arose about how they will be getting funds to fund Government Ministries which then can be used to process cheques to the Companies. That's when Ralph Kasambara approached Paul Mphwiyo as Budget Director ( coz it is the budget section in the Ministry of Finance that does the funding in the IFMIS system) to help with the deals. Paul Mphwiyo ndi wakuba kwambiri and its only a matter of time these investigations reveal this very fact. In actual fact, the Fortuner which was found at Sithole area 47 residence akuti belongs to Paul Mphwiyo. So , ma deal akhala akuyenda bwino bwino but of recent, Pika Manondo, Ralph Kambara, Hophmally Makande and Maxwell Namata (as owners of companies) were not happy ndi m'mene zinthu zimayendela, meaning kagawidwe ka ndalama. AND WHAT HAPPENENED IS THAT A WEEK BEFORE MWANA UYU SITHOLE KUGWIDWA, MBAVA ZA FUTI ZINAPITA KUNYUMBA KWAKE KWA SITHOLE NDIKUMUBELA K62Million (anazituma ndi achina Max, Pika ndi Ralph) THIS CAN BE VERIFIED WITH LINGADZI POLICE STATION (coz stupid enough, Stithole anakadandaula ku polisi kuti amubela ndalamazi). Ndichifukwa chake Wapona Kita rushed kukamuyimilila mulandu Sithole and that's why Ralph Kasambara was so concerned that he decided to go kwa Paul Mphwiyo and the Reserve Bank as Government cheques are effectively cleared through Reserve Bank of Malawi using Commercial Banks as agents. Paul Mphwiyo atamva izi anayamba makani kwambiri ndi kumawaopseza achina Pika, Maxwell Namata, Ralph and Hophmally kuti awaulula (akuti after all he was not the one who personally was effecting the fund in the IFMIS system but his Junior officer) UNLESS the thugs should return the money to Sithole. Apa ndi pamene zinthu zinafoyila kwambiri, kulusilana mpaka usiku wa tsiku lina Wapona Kita and Ralph Kasambara went to the house of Paul Mphwiyo to warn him that he could be killed because Maxwell Namata, Pika Manondo ndi achina Makande were not happy. THIS IS WHAT LED TO MPHWIYO'S shooting and PEOPLE KU MINISTRY OF FINANCE KNOW ABOUT THIS KWAMBIRI KWAKE As of today, 18th September, 2013 Pika Manondo is in South Africa and Maxwell Namata was in South Africa but connected to China.... rumour has it kuti they hired South Africans to kill Mphwiyo and I only hope he is safe in South Africa (kuti samuphako kumeneko) SO I JUST WANTED TO SHARE THIS BUT AS TO HOW YOU PUBLISH IT IS UP TO YOU OTHERWISE BECAREFUL COZ ANTHUWA NDi OWOPSA KWAMBIRI. THANKS

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Former President Nelson Mandela discharged from hospital

Former President Nelson Mandela has this morning, 1 September 2013, been discharged from the Pretoria hospital where he has been receiving treatment. We would like to wish him all the best as he continues his recovery at his Johannesburg home.

Madiba's condition remains critical and is at times unstable. Nevertheless, his team of doctors are convinced that he will receive the same level of intensive care at his Houghton home that he received in Pretoria. His home has been reconfigured to allow him to receive intensive care there. The health care personnel providing care at his home are the very same who provided care to him in hospital. If there are health conditions that warrant another admission to hospital in future, this will be done.

During his stay in hospital from the 8th of June 2013, the condition of our former President vacillated between serious to critical and at times unstable. He has received full medical support and continues to do so. He has also received visits from family, friends and colleagues. Despite the difficulties imposed by his various illnesses, he, as always, displays immense grace and fortitude.

Madiba has been treated by a large medical team from the military, academia, private sector and other public health spheres. We thank all the health professionals at the hospital for their dedication. Most media have also been notably responsible and we thank them also for the maturity and understanding that all have in general displayed.

We now call on all to allow the former President and his family the necessary private space so that his continuing care can proceed with dignity and without unnecessary intrusion.